cupids-addiction said: Hi, I've always been fascinated by photography and I want to get into it, I just don't know where to start. I was wondering if you could give me some advice and tips on getting started! It would be a big help, thank you.

Finally a non-anon question! Thanks!

I’d recommend you three things: to photograph things we can’t see, to take lot’s of pictures, and see lot’s of pictures:

- Lately I find the easy way to take an interesting picture is to  photograph things we can’t see. Have you noticed how the human eye can focus things that are only in the center? That’s why the rule of thirds was written. Learn about it and use it. Have you noticed how the first movies showed a beautiful girl in a train or a beautiful girl crying in the subway? Those scenes/images are eye catching because you can’t stare those moments in real life, you can only do it in a picture or a movie. That’s also why most photographers like to set the aperture wide-open: because you can’t do that or see like that with your eyes. That’s why slow motion is so interesting. That’s why long exposure pictures look interesting. Etc.

I’d recommend to learn as much technique as you can, and then think of things and moments people can’t see, and photograph that just to see how that would be seen as a picture.

- Don’t spend too much time on the internet, go out, and take some pictures. I once read that Ryan Mcginley used 16 models, 3 assistants, and 4.000 rolls of film for a single exhibition. Yes, that’s 144.000 pictures taken for about 50 to be selected. So it takes that much to have a few great photos. The more pictures you take, the better you get.

- Also, you should see lot’s of pictures, both good ones and bad ones. Good ones inspire you, and the bad ones motivates you to go out and take better pictures than that. Go to the book store and see books, find good blogs and photographers to follow, etc. Don’t stop looking at pictures, and try to think how they were taken. That will motivate you to learn more.

Oh, and have fun. You are taking pictures, not making art.

Posted 20 1 2013

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